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Adult content moved to Tumblr : Ryune Zoldark Hentai Fan Art

This is my first hentai illustration open to public. I think for a really long time for making a hentai fan art site. I less full paint for a hentai pictures. That makes this site won't often update...

In this painting... Actually I finished it over a year... But I haven't publish it at my blogs or websites. I make some changes before I publish. It makes it a little difference to the banner one. For the background... I just use some material for it. I really weak for painting a background.

I know Ryune Zoldark at 3rd Super Robot War (SNES). But I really don't know her when I am a child. She always making noise in the party... I start love her after I play OG2 (GBA). Actually her character hasn't any changes. But I start like her sporty character. The most important - She is pretty strong at OG2. She has an awesome ACE bonus make her stronger than others (Bonus: 10%+ damage). Yea... strong is everything at the game.

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