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Restoration Lady Eirika - Inherit Skill (FE Heroes)

Eirika is my favorite girl in FE series. Everytime I play that game. I would choice her route. And S relation with Seth. This pair is so sweet. :P

But it seems brothercon is official setting...

Inherit Skill is Fire Emblem Heroes terms. :D

I always think those social games, card spent system is so guro. A card eats another cards for upgrade status or skill level. That means you actually eating those girls :D

Eat Eirika's head for the A skill! Her boobs for the B skill!


I remember a game called Imperial Saga. It requires you scarify your units to upgrade your city. Every time you upgrade, there is hundred or thousand of lifes gone. This definitely is Nationwide Transmutation Circle (Fullmetal Alchemist) ...

It seems every social game is such extremely violence and guro :D

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Sieglinde ジーク・リンデ (Fire Emblem Heroes)

The game system said. Farming Hero Merit. They would give you Hero Feather.

Rape, creampie and get the hero feathers!
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This set image would use FEH sprite sheet style as this is an animation work. I temporary finished first one.
As the WIP png. I think there would be 2 more sex animation and 1 behead animation. But I don't really would I do all of them. If the timing not enough. Maybe I would stop here. ^^"

Sieglinde is her sword's name. It's not really good for writing her name or game's name in this picture. So...


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Boa Hancock’s Wedding (EAP) & WingR2000 September 2017 Content

As 90% buyer are Chinese. I created a survey for those subsribers. This is about some subsribers requested for sesonal subscription discount…

If you are my Patreon or you can join Patreon. This message is no use for you.

As usual, I strongly recommand Patreon more than Hiccears.

[Sep. 2017 Content]

☠ = R-18G
☺ = Safe for all 一般向け

☠ Rias Gremory
☠ Hanging Cistina Phoraena (Tactics Ogre)
☠ Hunting Witch - Sukura Kyoko
☠ Sasara Kusugawa deaths - WIP manga
☠ Boa Hancock’s Wedding*
Ciel NTR (Megaman Zero)
Nude Ribbon Girls (WIP)

*Boa Hancock’s Wedding is XNALARA retouching work. I won’t post it to Pixiv. Please follow my Twitter or Tumblr and wait the release notice if you want to get the free ver.

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Sena Summer Special Niku

Late summer drawing. For free user it would be more late. Yea. It's Autumn already. :D

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Base CG 2 ; Total 6 pictures. If you are my fan. You properly know the cover image I released for a long time. That is paintchainer base coloring work. But this is a failure test.

Paintchainer may useful for single drawing. But if you deicided to make variants. This auto paint won't save your time. I spent too much time on modification those paintchainer stuffs...

If you are my patrons. You would know there is png set. I wasted several png. And 2 bodies finally can't connect well. I can't put too much time on this work anymore. Otherwise that would become Winter Special...

For example I also created different size boobs body... I may reuse that in the future ^^"

There is a box ver. temporary for Hi-Res tier only. It would be release at the Trophy Girls

[Hi Res]

[PSD tier]

[Credit] pngtree , freepik

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Heart Shaped Boob Challenge (LoL Leona & Nidalee)

Heart Shaped Boob Challenge.

There is new food waste picture. If you are my patron. Please check the link for the new picture.
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I copy WIP status process flow :
1 - I just draw a pair of hand and oppai
2 - Decide add a head aside to that steak
3 - It would be Half body girl
4 - Leona
5 - Leona full body
6 - Nidalee join the party
7 - Xnalara for more guro
8 - Xnalara for food waste ver. << new After I did their pose and display. This is not really enough exciting. I try to use xnalara materials for more guro. Tears their bodies into half. Crash and eat their brains. Nidalee's brain are filled with red wine. The red wine tears is fun :P Yea... 2 more point. I always add this and add that... This set image finally become huge. The psd finally reach 1.9Gb. DAMN. I haven't attach the useless output / filter PSD. That PSD only has filter layers. It's not really useful... And that file is 620Mb. It's over patreon file size limit. Total contains 5 various images. Last one would use much XNALARA object for the pictures. Comparing to old set images. This set hasn't much images... ^^" I didn't make sex scene as same as LoveLive set. I actually want to make a spread leg body and create sex scene... [PSD Tier]

Body -
BG -
Flowers --
Hearts --
Foods from XNALARA --
Items -

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Ciel NTR (Megaman Zero)

You got new weapon

This is drawing ver.

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[Pixiv anime GIF]

The weekend drawing changed to Ciel NTR. No Ryona theme this time. But NTR. :D

Yea... Sasara Kusugawa one can't finished within this weeked.

Ciel NTR has been WIP for years, the WIP post seems to be Nov 2015.

This should be Ciel X Elpizo ; not Ciel X Zero. But I'm lazy to draw male... Even the background is lazy. I use heavy filter to hide the simple background. That is night time sex. The atmosphere should be dark.

And the background computer. Ciel is cheating :D

In the Megaman Zero 2 timeline but reading Megaman Zero 4 superplay youtube.

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School Idol Night - Love Live


July Hi-light post.

[All pictures]

The whole story
1 > Gravure

2 > Casting Couch (枕営業) / prostitution

3 (This post) > News exposed. Last love with lover, then suicide

Recycle their bodies. And

LET'S PARTY! ヽ(。ゝω・)ノ★

The nercophillia picture would use xnalara model for retouching. Same retouch as Cast Couching scene.

Exclusive content changed. Beheaded ver. now free.
3pcs xnalara retouch necrophilia(死姦) and 3pcs Futa. Cast Couching scene are mentioned at previous post.

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Flowers --
Hearts --
Foods from XNALARA --

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