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Dead Gasing - Tina Armstrong

[Pixiv] illust_id=70815299

[Patreon Reward ; Hi Res , Raw, without tape variants]

Total 5pcs. Another 4 variants for on / off her tape. RAW images are look quite dark. I make a heavy effect @ photoshop. You would dl the PSD @ attachment too.

This work started at April. After 4 months it finally finished.

I always get trouble from drawing semi(?) realistic drawing. Especially nose part. :/

I always feel if you draw DOA girls that looks liked anime girls. It would lose all the meaning.
Such liked DOA girls in Senran Kagura…

Tina Armstrong (bust shot) - DOA

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Litchi Faye Ling and Streaming-chan

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[Patreon Reward]

Ryona content (breast implant) commission.

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Keyword: R-18G リョナ ストリーミングちゃん ライチ=フェイ=リン


Hikari no Matsuei 光輝の末裔 (Langrisser / Warsong)

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[Patreon Reward ; Last photoshop Gore scene]

Weekend FUN livestream. I nap for 5 more hours. :D
That maked the streaming terrible. It almost has 16 hours.

Langrisser has new remake. Let me play the new character Betty(ベティ) first. :P

I actually don't know is she in holy side... :D
It's ok. The original game subtitle is liked that. Just use that subtitle.

Kill all descendants!

For Der Langrisser. I usually join Empire side and kill all holy guys (X)... GIRLS (O).

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(R-18 / NSFW)

Keyword: R-18G リョナ エロ処刑 斬首 ラングリッサー


WingR2000 August 2018 content | 18年8月号

[WingR2000 August 2018 content | 18年8月号]

Difference between Free and Subscription

☠ = R-18G
☺ = Safe for all 一般向け
★ = Exclusive content Varaiants
$ = Free Post

☠ Dead Gasing - Tina Armstrong
☠ Litchi & Streamer Chan
EVE in trouble 2 - Part A Capture
Maki Genryusai @ Fans room (Final Fight 2)

(Stream process & WIP)
Sansa and Arya execution 02 - Sansa part WIP
Friends in circle - Lux (LoL)
Konte (Rance Series)
Female Knight Kiwi Escort Service
フォーリシア (Hanjuku Hero)
☺ Megaman Zero “The Cost of Freedom”

(ILLUSION 用慨念构图)
☠ Fire Hime Summer Festival 2018 + RAW $

Tried to play live streaming @ last week of Aug. If you have interest you can follow my social medias liked twitter (@wingr2000). I commonly would notice if I do live stream.

Or directly follow this :

This month has more WIP and more non gore pictures.
Fire Hime Summer Festival set fill the numbers of picture. The actually number of pictures aren't really much at this month. Do too much titles, and lesser variants this month.

EVE and Maki is huge set. I would release that with phases.

* Litchi & Streamer Chan may release tomorrow. If you just want to read this one. You may need to think about that.

8月末时我开始弄直播,如果有兴趣看的可以FOLLOW我家的TWITTER @wingr2000 (锁碎事都是放在这)

又或者直接 follow :




* Litchi & Streamer Chan或许明天就公开,如果你是想看这图的,你可以等等才考虑要不要购买。

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RO Chibi Professor [Friend Request PT]

This cute character set image is finished. I'm not really satisfied. I want to add this and that. This turn the image delay. And many patrons run away too.

So... Needed to stop.

The one I'm not satisfied is this. The motion isn't smooth. But if I need to make that smooth. There would be more process days.

*The MP4 short animation which liked the Fire Emblem Heroes one.

友達募集中(NSFW GIF)
友達募集(NSFW JPG + Gore)

[Patreon Reward ; hi res and mp4 short animation*]

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Keyword: R-18G リョナ エロ処刑 斬首 ラグナロクオンライン デフォルメ


Last Descendants (P2)

P1 illust_id=60933625
P2 illust_id=70388093

[Patreon Reward ; Uncensorship and P3 draft]

Hang her high!
Royal Dance Time!

P1 published at 14 Jan 2017. After 1.5 year, I finally made P2.
A never ending manga…

I hope my first goal can reach soon. My original concept for Patreon is that.
Collect many supporters. And I can release manga monthly.

But the first goal never reached… ^^“

If there is more supporters. I can put more afford on drawing. I can resume back this or Queen’s Blade manga.

But first I needed to made Naruto one first, as I promised if 1st goal reached. I would kick start Naruto White Wedding (Ryona) manga.

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Keyword: R-18G 漫画 リョナ エロ処刑 絞首刑 首吊り オリジナル


Fire Hime Summer Festival 2018 (Natsumatsuri) @ コイカツ!

炎姫の夏祭り (コイカツ!)

僕達の本当の熱い夏が 今ここから始まるのだ

© 炎姫製作委員會会

[Pixiv ; R-18G] illust_id=70313750

[Patreon Reward ; Raw, Hi-Res 3840 x 2160, no optional parts pcs]

Illusion コイカツ! set retouch image set. This set image has 22 pcs ; although 01 and 02 is almost the same... ^^"

I retouch every pictures. I don't satisfied for the pure screenshot. So... it delayed.

Supposed to publish at 19/8

17/8 - Finish shooting
18/8 - First pc retouch, layer effect and poster done
19/8 - Shoot some extra pcs (20 - 22) ; You may curious why only the last pc has dancer. That's the last shoot. If I need to add back all dancers to every pcs. It would be massy...
20-21/8 Draw every Julis and Stella faces.

Although this is not a drawing. Hope you enjoy that.

Caption ref. --

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Keyword: R-18G リョナ カニバリズム 斬首 乳房切断 落第騎士の英雄譚 学戦都市アスタリスク ユリス=アレクシア・フォン・リースフェルト ステラ・ヴァーミリオン コイカツ