Wing R Fan Art


Rockman X Alia intermission

This fan art has delayed so much... Non-naked ver. is finished at 5th Oct. After I finished this artwork. I just hold it and doing other arts.

Alia... I through Alia is a handsome boy at her first game. She become pretty at X8. In the game, she is annoying liked hell! I know the spike would kill me. I also know I would die if I fall into the lava lake. Just shut up! You just liked tell me pushing jump button to jump!

I make a picture Douglas sex with her. The initial plan is Alia would sex with everyone after mission. Another planning is Irregular Hunter giving extra service to human after some conversation.

Both plan need to draw many many objects... I haven't so much love for Alia...

My next picture would be Ciel again. I'm trying draw a hentai comic. It certainly in mono tone... And this work would be pencil + PS only. I want to make a picture as fast as possible. But the finally result is still slow...

Keyword: Rockman X, Megaman X, Alia, エイリア


Request Fan Art - Ponytail girl

This is the requested illustration. He request to draw a erotic style girl. After I do the dancers illustration. I try to do back this one.

After I post it. I receive some feedback about the cheating request...

Then I try to research the image at google image...

( ´・ω・)

Keyword: イラリク


Rockman Zero and Ciel couple

I found out a comment about my Ciel fan art at 3rd Oct... About that fan art : Rockman Zero : Ciel Fan Art. I haven't idea for turning her into hentai fan art. Her smile liked Angel. She is so innocent!
Oh no. It's good to tuning her into hentai fan art! My bad habit appeared again. After I finished her naked body. I want to further modification.
I make a few pictures for there sex. After that, there is a dark side again.

My next picture would be Rockman X8 - Alia. She is annoying liked hell! Shut up and suck my cock!

This is Pixiv link. If the image become low quality. I suggest to click Pixiv link...

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, Hey Listen!


Ragnarok Online : Female Knight

Another hentai fan art of Ragnarok Online. This red hair female knight is base on my friend's character. I draw her character with a huge boobs as usual. And she always wearing the cat hair band.

This artwork spent me much time than I excepted. I add so much objects into this work. The PSD file is very hard to load. Actually I haven't interested to draw those male...It even looks better if it only display the shape.

non naked ver. : Ragnarok Online : Female Knight Fan Art

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,ナイト,女騎士,Knight