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Artificial vagina (エリザベート・バートリー)

オナホ化 | Wing R [pixiv]

A guro commission. This sex toy machine is referenced from another similar machine. I research a little information about SF theme life support machine and modifiy it.

For the termination. I use poison killing. This can watch her face expression and looks more clean.

Keyword: R-18G 人体改造 オナホ エロ処刑 リョナ エリザベート・バートリ 孔雀王 Sex Toy


Fairy Leviathan (kimono)

Fairy Leviathan has black long hair in my fan fiction. This time I draw this as main image. I distorted her helm into headwear.

She won't wear Leviathan equipment when she is off work (Fefnir may still wearing as he enjoys fighting). She would be a common girl in private life. She named herself as "Isabella" (Next time I may use this name for the image title) at downtown. Fairy Leviathan is an image of Four Guardians, she personally don't really like that queen liked characteristic.

It's weird if I post non R-18 picture at HF. But this work isn't fit for other poses. She only shows her boobs for this R-18 picture.

Everytime I draw Leviathan. I would draw her sleeve in this style... It's totally wrong. But I sill keep this. Each time I noticed. The drawing is in final processing... This time I draw a full ver. kimono instead.

All JP style graphics are free vector materials :

non naked : Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan (kimono)

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Fairy Leviathan, 妖将レヴィアタン