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Lamia Loveless

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Lamia is my most favorite character at SRW series. She is so strong at the game. I never through the original character can be such strong before SRW A released.

Even I love this character. But I don't often draw her... I don't know why I haven't so much interest for drawing SRW characters. Maybe these characters are so common in the internet.

The main reason for drawing this sketch ... Her big boobs. Lamia has nice body. :D

I may release more sketches later. As I don't have so much time fully painting on every drawings. orz

Keyword: Lamia Loveless, ラミア・ラヴレス, スーパーロボット大戦 , Super Robot Wars


To Heart 2: Sasara Kusugawa

Sasara with warrior costume.

I never play any To Heart 2 games. I haven't interest at this game too... But Sasara attracts me so much.

I choose the most sexy costume for drawing. Actually I love her valkyrie costume more than this... But this one looks more common and sexy. :P

Keyword: 久寿川ささら, Sasara Kusugawa