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Kampfer loser - Shizuku Sango

ケンプファーの敗者 | Wing R [pixiv]

She is not my blacklong hair Leviathan. I know they look similar... Hairstyle is same. The feeling is also similar... If I draw my Leviathan properly would looks the same.

Sangou Shizuku is my most favourite character in Kampfer series. Black long hair girls are so sexy. Kampfer is a nice series for guro style work. I want to draw "Finish Her" at the initial concept. But... Kampfer isn't so popular now. If I have such time. I would draw guro Queens Blade work instead of Mortal Kombat style Kampfer.

Keyword: R-18G 剥製 けんぷファー 三郷雫 黒髪ロング


Illusion - HaremMate

HaremMate's gameplay is similar to Premium Play Darkness. There is nothing to say. After tutorial it would be free H mode. You can play "Groupplay" or "Haremplay". Just ignore the story.

This just looks liked a Unity engine testing project. Comparing to Artifical Academy 2. Graphics and system are tuned down . Even there is more animations than Artifical Academy 2. HaremMate animation is too simply. It just looks liked Teatime games. DOF is really low.

It just liked Premium Play Darkness. You can simply ignore the main game and turn your eyes into Studio mode.

Character editor is not really good. Although the 3d parts are same as Artifical Academy 2. You can't do the same edit as Artifical Academy 2. Even you can't edit character's hair length , custom eyes texture.

But you can edit in weird way...

There are 15 different eyes presentation at the Studio mode.

All 15 selection


Damn it! Is it seal from Gyagu Manga!?

Poker faces are really big problem. That's why main gameplay isn't so "useful". Eyes 3D model is a more serious problem.

The eyes and face doesn't merged. It just looks liked a 3D object crash with another 3D object.

Even the lighting has bug. Screenshot key doesn't work. F11 capture key work but doesn't capture the lighting effect well.

The most annoying part is "changing clothes". It works fine in main gameplay. But it doesn't work in Studio mode. Everytime you need to switch clothes, you need to :

  1. Turn on the main game
  2. Select you character and submit new cloth selection.
  3. Push OK and quit main game.
  4. Then you get it in Studio mode.


What were they thinking

I strongly suggest you duplicate your character in different clothes. It save much time.

Even the game isn't good. The studio is quite easy to use. It is the most advanced studio for all Illusion games. You can free edit your pose easily.

But if you can control MMD or SFM well. I think this game is worthless for you.

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Lady pot (エリザベート・バートリー)

レディポット - エリザベート・バートリ | Wing R [pixiv]

Another エリザベート・バートリー commission. A lady pot artwork. Some pattern is photoshopped image. I just combine those pattern into drawing for saving more time.

Keyword: R-18G 人体改造 レディポット リョナ エリザベート・バートリ 孔雀王 顔面パンチ