Wing R Fan Art


Fairy Leviathan Love Romance

My third Leviathan hentai fanart. Fairy Leviathan is so sexy.

R-18 is a simply bed scene. The background is much easily than regular ver. That scene is not match for sex pose... And I haven't draw zero in these pictures... I haven't interest at seeing naked guy's back.

Neta drawing is fun :D

non naked : Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Fairy Leviathan, 妖将レヴィアタン


Ragnarok Online : Enemy parts Arch Bishop

[RO] エネミーパーツ - アークビショップ | Wing R [pixiv]

This picture only has guro ver. I don't post those picture to my blogger. I remember blogger can upload naked photos. But I don't sure is it ok for guro art.

You can view all pictures at my pixiv link.

The original concept - enemy weapons concept is came from PSO. Its really weird... A bear head on a cane...

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,アークビショップ Arch Bishop,Guro, 死体, 切断, 生首, エロ処刑


Rockman Zero Ciel x Golem - Photoshopped

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Rockman Zero Ciel - Photoshopped - Raped by Golem

Photoshop work again. This time I choose Ciel for modification. But I'm lazy for making another Pantheon modification for sex pose... I use the same golem (Rockman ZX Prairie - Photoshopped + Tutorial )

And this is the pixel art modification.

I draw the same theme at past year. You can check this link.

Rockman Zero Ciel - Raped by Golem


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, Tortune


Molotov Cocktease - The Venture Bros.

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Molotov Cocktease - The Venture Bros.

commission for Sofia (6/6)

Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Bros.

These set pictures make me upset. This is my first commission job which is fake. I actually finished these set at 2013... I don't really like these pictures. Those blackspot aren't my favourite.

More detail about this scammer : Warning for artist

Keyword: Sofia Hens Hentai Foundry, Molotov Cocktease, The Venture Bros.


Rockman ZX Prairie

I made a photoshop picture at 2013. This time is Prairie fanart. I still don't know how to draw her without the helm. Without it, she loses her characteristic. But I sew the official artwork. She is cute with casual wear (Green dress picture)...

I don't know why. As a commander Prairie's wearing is so sexy. She almost fully show off her body line with that costume.


Rockman ZX, Megaman ZX, Prairie, プレリー, ロックマンZX