Wing R Fan Art


Satellizer L. Bridget Punishment

問題児サテライザーの処分 | Wing R [pixiv]

The punishment for that problem student - Untouchable Queen.

This fan art... I take a rest from the Ciel comic. I try to do something different.

About Freezing... I don't really like this manga. But the girls from this manga are looks good. Satellizer looks quite pretty. That's the only reason I read this manga. The story... I don't really care what it is talking about.

Keyword: サテライザー=エル=ブリジット,フリージング,Satellizer L. Bridget


Ragnarok Online : Female Archer gif animation

[GIF] おっぱいぷるんぷるん | Wing R [pixiv]

This is RO archer... If she isn't naked. This is the full picture (non-naked) for this archer girl : [Aurea (Ragnarok Online - Archer)]

This is my testing gif animation. I never do a motion gif before. It would be nice if I can make an own hentai animation. I only show her bouncing boobs in this work. It would be too hard if the first work included pussy...

In the result. I just make two gif... It spends too much time for one creepy gif.

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO, Archer