Wing R Fan Art


Illusion - PlayClub

PlayClub is similar to HaremMate, they decided to use an new engine. We can run their game in lower-spec. PC, but color present isn't great enough. You better use sweetfx to improve the graphic.

Sweetfx Effect

Maid costume looks rough... Blonde would looks better detail.

「美弥子」Series comparison, Real Play hair texture looks better...

PlayClub character, black hair doesn't look really good

Hair selection are still same. It doesn't really match with this game...

You should edit your character at a brightness room.

Brightness 70 : Left - 和室 ; Right - 洋室

And... PlayClub hasn't Studio function. Damn. It's meanless to spent so much time on this character creation if there is no studio. You even can't control their head's angle in Free mode.

My character :

HongFire Mod Release : Camera Modifications (First-Person View & Eye-Contact). This mod can do Eye-contact easily. I take more photos with this mod.

1st May update:

I create few characters. I uploaded them to my one drive

I'm lazy in this update. These photos haven't applied any PS effect...

8th May update:

HF mod : MaestroMode can control IK. You can customize pose easily.


Hitomi Yoshino - Namco Image Girl

A practice painting. I have a period no painting anything...

This image girl is disappeared after PS2 life cycle. I still remember I brought motoGP cause of her. But I don't like motorbike game at all...

Naked Ver. (Pixiv) : ナムコイメージガール - 吉乃ひとみ

Keyword: ナムコイメージガール, RQ, 吉乃ひとみ