Wing R Fan Art


Sofia - Gear of War

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Sofia Blowjob - Gear of War

commission for Sofia (5/6)

I almost forget this set of pictures... It almost half year ago. Does that scammer still cheating? I have no idea for that.

I don't play Gear of War. I don't know this character well...

More detail about this scammer : Warning for artist

Keyword: Sofia Hens Hentai Foundry, Gear of War


Succubus Moriko and Maid

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Succubus Moriko and Futa Maid
commission for Moriko

The chibi succubus plays with her futa maid. :P

Keyword: OC, Chibi


Vocaloid SF-A2 Miki

This is my 2nd fan art of SF-A2 Miki. Miki chan is so cute! I love to see her face! :P

The main purpose of this fan art... Testing SAI water color. When I scan this work. I just want to make it in mono tone that similar to Lamia's sketch. Then I try to paint with SAI water color. For saving more time. I give up the stage. Just having sex at the bed.

開発コードmiki, SF-A2 Miki, Vocaloid, ダブルピース