Wing R Fan Art


Rockman Zero Ciel Sketch

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Rockman Zero Ciel Hentai Sketch

I'm lazy for draing the male character in this sketch. I use a very simply shadow for presenting. If there is a male character... aww... The nake man almost covered Ciel... I am not interest for seeing a naked male.

The story for this sketch is between Rockman Zero 1 and 2...

Yea. It's a NTR work. :P


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル


Hentai Artwork - Original Character Mercury

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Hentai Artwork - Original Character Mercury

This one is an orignal character artwork. Mercury is a college student. And she is a little sister for another original character. That's all of her setting... This girl is built when I still studying at college. Wing R is the imagine comic group. And Mercury is an assistant at that group. I never imagine I will draw her nude at that time.

I still lazy for drawing background. I search some school related picture from internet. Actually I want a classroom picture. But it's not easy for finding. Less people will shot their school floor. It's quite meaningless for doing that.

This artwork is older than Ryune's fan art. It's strange to posting a first post for an original character... None know who she is. But I am lack of hentai fan art. That's why I post this one...