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Bitch JK Krain

Dark history original character...

I created this character during my college life. The character setting is so stupid.

A dark sword, justice heroine, can spell magic, she can do everything...

It so chuunibyou...

Instead, I just want to draw a bitch JK only.

Keyword: OC, 女子高生, 援助交際


Illusion Artifical Academy 2 My characters

Wiki (JP) :
HongFire :

Artifical Academy 2 is a R-18 simulation game. It just similar to The Sims which havn't an actual story. Artifical Academy 2 surely put all focus at sex. The gameplay would be more fun than other Illusion games. But if you don't like simulation game. It's worthless for you. You would just see some sex animation and then remove it.

Artifical Academy 2 has an most advance character editor through all Illusion games. If you install some plugin liked [AA2][Hair][BigPack HEXA]. You will have more fun for creating your own characters.

My Characters:

If you have interest you can go to my onedrive. Some characters would need texture for custom eyes makeup

Example : Heart shaped highlight

My onedrive:

Shining (Tony) Series

クララクラン フィリアス


ゼクティ アイン



Urushihara Satoshi


初音ミク - Everyone would make once common copyrighted character...

鏡音 リン


Lily (chloe) - This one isn't base on the official artwork but chloe

開発コード miki



神威 がくぽ


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Final Fantasy Tactics



アリシア, ラヴィアン
You can simply said these 2 are original characters...








Megaman (Original)

Black Long Leviathan

Siro (Bliss Zero)

X (Gender Bending)

X - Base on same CV character Cloud Strife

Other copyrighted characters





冥土へ誘うもの アイリ


My onedrive:

File name :
First letter:
AI = Aegis Thousand Year War
lang = Urushihara Satoshi
shining = Shining Series
qb = Queens Blade

Last letter:
append = Append disc required
pack = [AA2][Hair][BigPack HEXA] required

Keyword: R-18 ジンコウガクエン2


セネット | Tactics Ogre OC Fanart

Sennet is my fc2 weblog cover girl. She is an OC of Tactics Ogre. Sennet is a snapdragon weapon. Denim release her by accident. She knew Denim like Shelley Fouriner / Sherri Phoraena much. So she clone her face and play with him in childhood.

WT is very important states in SFC Tactics Ogre. She don't wear any armors and high class weapon in the war.

I don't really write any story about her. She only has character setting... As Tactics Ogre isn't match with such harem style story...

If you ignore all setting. You can consider her as Shelley Fouriner (16) and good at swords.

Keyword: シェリー・フォリナー, 大地のシェリー, Shelley Fouriner, タクティクスオウガ , Tactics Ogre


Bride Siro (Bliss Zero)

Another Siro (Bliss Zero) artwork. Bride dress looks good. I even spend more time than the Princess dress... This time I try to apply Zero's green bulbs into her dress. It's little weird that put a jewellery in front of nipples. But the original green bulbs is placed at there. That why I never drew green bulbs for Bliss Zero.

The background is a stockimage. The windows and color is prefectly match with this art. But you may see the bride in the naked ver...


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, gender-bending, Bliss Zero, ブリスゼロ, 花嫁, 金髪, 女体化


Princess You Oyl

As usual I don't draw the male in detail...

You Oyl (ユウ・オイル) is my original character. You properly can find this character at my old website.

Before repainting

Yea. The old one is quite terrible. That was almost 10 years ago. The main reason I repaint this art - I'm going to draw a new R-18G comic. I want to make a Princess guro comic. And I found out... Damn, RO hasn't any princess.


It has... in the PSP ver. which is SO POPULAR.

I wanna made an OC wanna than that princess.

OC setting

Her kingdom was fallen while she was child. She grows up and get revenge. I'm drawing a R-18G comic about her. As this is R18-G. Revenge must be failed. :D

If you have interest on that. You can read some preview (pencil drawing) on :

Background images from

Keyword: オリジナル, 中出し, 金髪, お姫様