Wing R Fan Art


I-no - Guilty Gear

Adult content moved to Tumblr : I-no Blowjob - Guilty Gear

commission for Sofia (2/6)

I think she would lose her characteristic whn she hasn't her own hat and guitar.

More detail about this scammer : Warning for artist

Keyword: Sofia Hens Hentai Foundry, ギルティギア, Guilty Gear, イノ


Farah - Legend of Queen Opala

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Farah Blowjob - Legend of Queen Opala

commission for Sofia (1/6)

This is my first commission job. But it's fake... Damn.

More detail about this scammer : Warning for artist

Keyword: Sofia Hens Hentai Foundry


[Comic] Captured Ciel

[漫画] シエルさんの受難 | Wing R [pixiv]

This is my first hentai comic. It's spend so much time on an regular comic. But I really want to make an own hentai comic.

I don't put any story at this comic. When I read most hentai dojin. I really don't care what is it talking about... I just want to see some sex. This comic is build based on this. It's not really meaningful even I just put a message which Ciel say "Ah!" "It's hurt!" "No!"

This comic I just use SAI modification to make the line looks better. Some of them I haven't fully redraw the line. It may save more time for fulfill my wish.

The current process : Pencil Work > Scan > SAI modification > Screentone.

I haven't good enough skill to skip pencil work stage. The character looks not good while I sketch at PC only. If I can handle that. It may save more time to build more works.

If this comic works favourably. I may draw more.


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, ストライクフリーダム


Satellizer L. Bridget Punishment

問題児サテライザーの処分 | Wing R [pixiv]

The punishment for that problem student - Untouchable Queen.

This fan art... I take a rest from the Ciel comic. I try to do something different.

About Freezing... I don't really like this manga. But the girls from this manga are looks good. Satellizer looks quite pretty. That's the only reason I read this manga. The story... I don't really care what it is talking about.

Keyword: サテライザー=エル=ブリジット,フリージング,Satellizer L. Bridget


Ragnarok Online : Female Archer gif animation

[GIF] おっぱいぷるんぷるん | Wing R [pixiv]

This is RO archer... If she isn't naked. This is the full picture (non-naked) for this archer girl : [Aurea (Ragnarok Online - Archer)]

This is my testing gif animation. I never do a motion gif before. It would be nice if I can make an own hentai animation. I only show her bouncing boobs in this work. It would be too hard if the first work included pussy...

In the result. I just make two gif... It spends too much time for one creepy gif.

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO, Archer


Rockman X Alia intermission

This fan art has delayed so much... Non-naked ver. is finished at 5th Oct. After I finished this artwork. I just hold it and doing other arts.

Alia... I through Alia is a handsome boy at her first game. She become pretty at X8. In the game, she is annoying liked hell! I know the spike would kill me. I also know I would die if I fall into the lava lake. Just shut up! You just liked tell me pushing jump button to jump!

I make a picture Douglas sex with her. The initial plan is Alia would sex with everyone after mission. Another planning is Irregular Hunter giving extra service to human after some conversation.

Both plan need to draw many many objects... I haven't so much love for Alia...

My next picture would be Ciel again. I'm trying draw a hentai comic. It certainly in mono tone... And this work would be pencil + PS only. I want to make a picture as fast as possible. But the finally result is still slow...

Keyword: Rockman X, Megaman X, Alia, エイリア


Request Fan Art - Ponytail girl

This is the requested illustration. He request to draw a erotic style girl. After I do the dancers illustration. I try to do back this one.

After I post it. I receive some feedback about the cheating request...

Then I try to research the image at google image...

( ´・ω・)

Keyword: イラリク


Rockman Zero and Ciel couple

I found out a comment about my Ciel fan art at 3rd Oct... About that fan art : Rockman Zero : Ciel Fan Art. I haven't idea for turning her into hentai fan art. Her smile liked Angel. She is so innocent!
Oh no. It's good to tuning her into hentai fan art! My bad habit appeared again. After I finished her naked body. I want to further modification.
I make a few pictures for there sex. After that, there is a dark side again.

My next picture would be Rockman X8 - Alia. She is annoying liked hell! Shut up and suck my cock!

This is Pixiv link. If the image become low quality. I suggest to click Pixiv link...

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, Hey Listen!


Ragnarok Online : Female Knight

Another hentai fan art of Ragnarok Online. This red hair female knight is base on my friend's character. I draw her character with a huge boobs as usual. And she always wearing the cat hair band.

This artwork spent me much time than I excepted. I add so much objects into this work. The PSD file is very hard to load. Actually I haven't interested to draw those male...It even looks better if it only display the shape.

non naked ver. : Ragnarok Online : Female Knight Fan Art

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,ナイト,女騎士,Knight


Fairy Leviathan in undersea - Rockman Zero

I love Fairy Leviathan. I always draw her with a black straight hair. She is the most cute Rockman character!

The first part is a happiness sex. Leviathan wants a better relation with Zero. But she can't do it cause of relationship between Resistance and Neo Arcadia. I love her smile face after sex.

Second part gets into dark side. Zero raped her after she is defected. And ... I also love her face turned into despair.

This artwork isn't for hentai at initial plan. After I finish this fan art. I try to draw a naked body. If there is more hardcore, it would be nice. Then I draw another addon at this artwork.

It seems missed something. There is no partner. Let her make love to Zero then. It's sweet! But I still want more... Umm... Rape version may interesting too. I add something and something at this "normal" fan art. If add another sex position...


No! It's enough. It costed me so much time already! I need to draw a new fan art. This work should be closed!

non naked : Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan Undersea

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Rape, Fairy Leviathan, 妖将レヴィアタン, アヘ顔


Vocaloid Miki - autogrpah session

Miki held an autogrpah session for her fans and give them a surprise present.

My favourite vocaloid Miki! I finally make a hentai fan art of her. She isn't so popular. Almost all of the hentai vocaloid fan arts drew Miku and Luka...

The original idea is : "double V sign" and "sex". I try yo make the background looks similar to a autogrpah session or show. Her ero emotion breaks her pure image... But she is so hot with that face. :P

non naked : 開発コードmiki Vocaloid Fan Art | [Vocaloid Fan Art]SF-A2 開発コードmiki

開発コードmiki, SF-A2 Miki, Vocaloid, ダブルピース, トロ顔


Ragnarok Online : Female Mage Fan Art

My favourite game Ragnarok Online Hentai Fan Art. I love this fantasy world. They have a well design for characters and the world. RO female mage has a sexy costume. It can emphasise girl's beauty legs and waist well :P I never can play mage character well at this game...
This artwork is rendered png. I would put another ver. to my Hentai Foundry account.

Various ver. (Transparent) : Hentai Foundry

non naked ver. : Ragnarok Online : Female Mage Fan Art

Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,マジシャン,女法師,Mage


Clalaclan Philias Public Execution

クララクラン・フィリアス絞首刑 | Wing R [pixiv]

A fan art of Shining series. Even I haven't play the game. I love these characters design and this fantasy world. A big tits blonde queen... It's so delicious! If I take off all her clothes. I can't identify who she is. I make another jpg for a teared clothes.

This artwork shows the queen is captured and going to be executed. And this one is before the hanging scene.

Guro ver. :

Clalaclan Philias クララクラン・フィリアス, 公開処刑
Shining Wind シャイニング・ウィンド


New design layout is completed

The new design layout for blogger is finished. It has an unique layout after 3 years... T-T

In the new banner, I want more erotic feeling. I put more naked girls at the top of the page. The original one is too small. The effect is not really good at that thin banner.

At the new layout. I also put a fast menu at the header ; "Fan Art", "Sketch" and "Intro. & Sitemap". It would be more easy to browser my artworks. I really don't like blogger original category. If you have 70+ posts. You need to click 7+ times for the "older post" button. In other words, it almost impossible for viewing the old posts...

If that is diary, that may be no value for the old posts... But this blog is showing my artworks. As I always check pixiv artist old works. That would be a value to reading those old posts.

It's not really easy for the blogger template modification. In FC2 blog, you can copy all coding into your dreamweaver. It just a WYSIWYG process. But blogger template can't be that simply. You need to try and error at its Edit HTML mode. There is so many codes I don't understand... Maybe those empty div are plugin's spacing.

For example, I put a quote sign at every posts' / right widgets. That process is really annoying. I need to check the CSS name at Chrome Developer Tools (F12 at Chrome). The center line between post and right column is more annoying! CSS main-inner and footer-inner padding make the line has a huge gap between the post and footer.


Ryune Zoldark

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Ryune Zoldark

Ryune Zoldark second hentai fan art. This artwork is still in softcore... I love seeing a naked women. :D
There is a transparent background png ver. I posted that png to Hentai Foundry.
Her cutin at OG 2nd is so cute. But I love Glacies more than Ryune at OG 2nd :P

Keyword: Ryune Zoldark, リューネ・ゾルダーク, 魔装機神シリーズ, スーパーロボット大戦 , Super Robot Wars


Rockman ZX Prairie - Photoshopped + Tutorial

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Rockman ZX Prairie - Photoshopped + Tutorial


Rockman ZX, Megaman ZX, Prairie, プレリー, ロックマンZX, アヘ顔, Ahegao, Tortune


Rockman Zero Ciel x Golem

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Rockman Zero Ciel x Golem


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, アヘ顔, Ahegao, Tortune


Siro | Beach Girl

An original character called Silmeria Rollin. The first name Silmeria is copying from a goddess. The base setting for this character... She is a gender-bending (Megaman) Zero.

I tried to use shockphoto for drawing a background at this work. My SAI has some brush can make a nice effect.


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, gender-bending, Bliss Zero


Saga Frontier : Imprisoned Annie

Annie was caught at the Freedom Rune event (Beginning of Emilia's story). She becames a toy for those wardens. Those failed players would get into Despair forever.

I like Annie more than Emilia and Liza. That's the reason why I only show Annie in this picture XD


Annie, Saga Frontier, アニー, サガ フロンティア


Stella Loussier, ステラ・ルーシェ | Gundam Seed Destiny

With Earth Alliance uniform (non nude ver.)

A naked Stella fan art. Girls in SEED series almost have a same face, the only difference is the clothes and hair styles... But I love these cute girls more than OO or AGE... I tried to draw her face looks more liked original style in this artwork.


Stella Loussier, ステラ・ルーシェ, Gundam Seed Destiny


Cyber Formula Sugo Grand Prix Campaign Girl

Sugo Grand Prix Campaign Girl seems hasn't a name. She doesn't appear at the Cyber Formula animation... But there are a little illustration for this Race Queen for the junk game Road to the infinity. Yea... that game is quite bad. If you aren't a fan of Cyber Formula. You never want to play that.

This girl outlook are similar to the later animation Mai Hime. The character called [珠洲城遙].


Future GPX Cyber Formula , 新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ Road to the infinity,Race Queen ,レースクイーン