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Corderlia - Saga Frontier 2 Fanart

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"Infiltrate ! The Alexei Gang" event:
Cordelia is a young and beautiful girl. Those guys won't let she dead so simply. After Cordelia spends all of her power. Those guys catch her and tear off her clothes.

Playing her beauitful boobs, pumped inside her hardly... Cordelia becomes a sex toy for these gang. They enjoy her young body, everybody are get enough from her. Cordelia has no more power to resist them...

A guy put a knife. This is the last show with this young girl.


Cordelia, Saga Frontier 2, コーデリア , サガ フロンティア 2


Fairy Leviathan - Rockman Zero Fanart

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Fairy Leviathan Being Raped - Rockman Zero Hentai

Leviathan is caught and being raped by resistance. They used she as a sex toy. Leviathan crys liked a formal girl. But those resistance members feel more exiciting after seeing her emotional. They get revenge thorugh her body. Penetrating her pussy hardly...

This is my first SAI hentai fanart. The original one is in mono tone. I tried to make some color on it through photoshop... Aww. I should color at initial stage. It's so hard for using layer function for coloring

Why Leviathan has black hair? My imagination of her hairstyle is liked Touhou project - Neet Princess Houraisan Kaguya. I know its more common for a long blue hair . I don't really like a blue hair putting on a blue costume.


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Rape, Fairy Leviathan, 妖将レヴィアタン


Rockman Zero Ciel Sketch

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Rockman Zero Ciel Hentai Sketch

I'm lazy for draing the male character in this sketch. I use a very simply shadow for presenting. If there is a male character... aww... The nake man almost covered Ciel... I am not interest for seeing a naked male.

The story for this sketch is between Rockman Zero 1 and 2...

Yea. It's a NTR work. :P


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル


Hentai Artwork - Original Character Mercury

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Hentai Artwork - Original Character Mercury

This one is an orignal character artwork. Mercury is a college student. And she is a little sister for another original character. That's all of her setting... This girl is built when I still studying at college. Wing R is the imagine comic group. And Mercury is an assistant at that group. I never imagine I will draw her nude at that time.

I still lazy for drawing background. I search some school related picture from internet. Actually I want a classroom picture. But it's not easy for finding. Less people will shot their school floor. It's quite meaningless for doing that.

This artwork is older than Ryune's fan art. It's strange to posting a first post for an original character... None know who she is. But I am lack of hentai fan art. That's why I post this one...


Ryune Zoldark Fan Art

Adult content moved to Tumblr : Ryune Zoldark Hentai Fan Art

This is my first hentai illustration open to public. I think for a really long time for making a hentai fan art site. I less full paint for a hentai pictures. That makes this site won't often update...

In this painting... Actually I finished it over a year... But I haven't publish it at my blogs or websites. I make some changes before I publish. It makes it a little difference to the banner one. For the background... I just use some material for it. I really weak for painting a background.

I know Ryune Zoldark at 3rd Super Robot War (SNES). But I really don't know her when I am a child. She always making noise in the party... I start love her after I play OG2 (GBA). Actually her character hasn't any changes. But I start like her sporty character. The most important - She is pretty strong at OG2. She has an awesome ACE bonus make her stronger than others (Bonus: 10%+ damage). Yea... strong is everything at the game.

Keyword: Ryune Zoldark, リューネ・ゾルダーク, 魔装機神シリーズ, スーパーロボット大戦 , Super Robot Wars