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[Comic] Captured Ciel

[漫画] シエルさんの受難 | Wing R [pixiv]

This is my first hentai comic. It's spend so much time on an regular comic. But I really want to make an own hentai comic.

I don't put any story at this comic. When I read most hentai dojin. I really don't care what is it talking about... I just want to see some sex. This comic is build based on this. It's not really meaningful even I just put a message which Ciel say "Ah!" "It's hurt!" "No!"

This comic I just use SAI modification to make the line looks better. Some of them I haven't fully redraw the line. It may save more time for fulfill my wish.

The current process : Pencil Work > Scan > SAI modification > Screentone.

I haven't good enough skill to skip pencil work stage. The character looks not good while I sketch at PC only. If I can handle that. It may save more time to build more works.

If this comic works favourably. I may draw more.


Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Ciel, シエル, ストライクフリーダム

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