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Fairy Leviathan in undersea - Rockman Zero

I love Fairy Leviathan. I always draw her with a black straight hair. She is the most cute Rockman character!

The first part is a happiness sex. Leviathan wants a better relation with Zero. But she can't do it cause of relationship between Resistance and Neo Arcadia. I love her smile face after sex.

Second part gets into dark side. Zero raped her after she is defected. And ... I also love her face turned into despair.

This artwork isn't for hentai at initial plan. After I finish this fan art. I try to draw a naked body. If there is more hardcore, it would be nice. Then I draw another addon at this artwork.

It seems missed something. There is no partner. Let her make love to Zero then. It's sweet! But I still want more... Umm... Rape version may interesting too. I add something and something at this "normal" fan art. If add another sex position...


No! It's enough. It costed me so much time already! I need to draw a new fan art. This work should be closed!

non naked : Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan Undersea

Keyword: Rockman Zero, Megaman Zero, Rape, Fairy Leviathan, 妖将レヴィアタン, アヘ顔

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