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Sieglinde ジーク・リンデ (Fire Emblem Heroes)

The game system said. Farming Hero Merit. They would give you Hero Feather.

Rape, creampie and get the hero feathers!
[All picture ; R-18 Caution]

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This set image would use FEH sprite sheet style as this is an animation work. I temporary finished first one.
As the WIP png. I think there would be 2 more sex animation and 1 behead animation. But I don't really would I do all of them. If the timing not enough. Maybe I would stop here. ^^"

Sieglinde is her sword's name. It's not really good for writing her name or game's name in this picture. So...


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Keyword: R-18 うごイラ エイリーク 聖魔の光石 ファイアーエムブレムヒーローズ FEH デフォルメ

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