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Restoration Lady Eirika - Inherit Skill (FE Heroes)

Eirika is my favorite girl in FE series. Everytime I play that game. I would choice her route. And S relation with Seth. This pair is so sweet. :P

But it seems brothercon is official setting...

Inherit Skill is Fire Emblem Heroes terms. :D

I always think those social games, card spent system is so guro. A card eats another cards for upgrade status or skill level. That means you actually eating those girls :D

Eat Eirika's head for the A skill! Her boobs for the B skill!


I remember a game called Imperial Saga. It requires you scarify your units to upgrade your city. Every time you upgrade, there is hundred or thousand of lifes gone. This definitely is Nationwide Transmutation Circle (Fullmetal Alchemist) ...

It seems every social game is such extremely violence and guro :D

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