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Sena Summer Special Niku

Late summer drawing. For free user it would be more late. Yea. It's Autumn already. :D

[All Picture ; R-18G Caution]

Base CG 2 ; Total 6 pictures. If you are my fan. You properly know the cover image I released for a long time. That is paintchainer base coloring work. But this is a failure test.

Paintchainer may useful for single drawing. But if you deicided to make variants. This auto paint won't save your time. I spent too much time on modification those paintchainer stuffs...

If you are my patrons. You would know there is png set. I wasted several png. And 2 bodies finally can't connect well. I can't put too much time on this work anymore. Otherwise that would become Winter Special...

For example I also created different size boobs body... I may reuse that in the future ^^"

There is a box ver. temporary for Hi-Res tier only. It would be release at the Trophy Girls

[Hi Res]

[PSD tier]

[Credit] pngtree , freepik

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(R-18 / NSFW)

Keyword: R-18G リョナ エロ処刑 斬首 カニバリズム 柏崎星奈 僕は友達が少ない 死体

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