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Heart Shaped Boob Challenge (LoL Leona & Nidalee)

Heart Shaped Boob Challenge.

There is new food waste picture. If you are my patron. Please check the link for the new picture.
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I copy WIP status process flow :
1 - I just draw a pair of hand and oppai
2 - Decide add a head aside to that steak
3 - It would be Half body girl
4 - Leona
5 - Leona full body
6 - Nidalee join the party
7 - Xnalara for more guro
8 - Xnalara for food waste ver. << new After I did their pose and display. This is not really enough exciting. I try to use xnalara materials for more guro. Tears their bodies into half. Crash and eat their brains. Nidalee's brain are filled with red wine. The red wine tears is fun :P Yea... 2 more point. I always add this and add that... This set image finally become huge. The psd finally reach 1.9Gb. DAMN. I haven't attach the useless output / filter PSD. That PSD only has filter layers. It's not really useful... And that file is 620Mb. It's over patreon file size limit. Total contains 5 various images. Last one would use much XNALARA object for the pictures. Comparing to old set images. This set hasn't much images... ^^" I didn't make sex scene as same as LoveLive set. I actually want to make a spread leg body and create sex scene... [PSD Tier]

Body -
BG -
Flowers --
Hearts --
Foods from XNALARA --
Items -

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(R-18 / NSFW)

Keyword: R-18G リョナ エロ処刑 斬首 カニバリズム おっぱいハート League_of_Legends Nidalee Leona

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