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Restoration Lady Eirika - Inherit Skill

碧風の優王女 エイリーク スキル継承祭 (アーリーアクセス期間中)


Eirika is my favorite girl in FE series. Everytime I play that game. I would choice her route. And S relation with Seth. This pair is so sweet. :P

I always think those social games, card spent system is so guro. A card eats another cards for upgrade status or skill level. That means you actually eating those girls :D

And... This game spent me too much time. I quit it for 1 season already... And this game is so... HORSE emblem. If you don't use horse unit, you are screwed.

Even you don't use Nino's ero book and choice a weaker support.
Xander (マークス) + Horse Shield (騎盾の紋章) x 3 + 金剛の一撃3 + 守備の応援 / 大地の祝福 : DEF = 59

And both Xande (マークス) and Camus (カミュ) has 2 range counter as default.

All materials are so easy to get. You just need 4 Dark Falz Loser(Sorry, I don't remember his name ; I just remember his CV) for the Horse Shield. 8000 feathers if you so unlucky all 3 star drops. Then its done.

Damn. I feel so guilty to level any DEF type foot soldier.

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