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+1 RO Professor

The PVP award has updated. Let's cook bitch! No early access period this time.

New ver. has more filter. ; Eyes resized and bigger than old ver.

Attachment (+1) contains 5 pcs
* = Hi-Res Tier Patreon Reward
- Hanging
- Non-h
- Roasted (unused) *
- Meal
- Meal and Served head
- Materials pictures (Prontera background ; Meal body and head png) *

Another attachment is old ver. that I posted at 2016

The whole process flow:
- Publish old work at my HF
- Minor modify before publish
- Half naked costume created
- Social media ver. (non-h)
- Roasted ver. (unused scene ; check the attachment)
- Served head tried to use another existed drawing
- Modify 2nd drawing pose
- Meal ver. created

Yea... Spent whole night for retouching old work OTL

I planned to make 2nd pose while retouching. The meal picture may has spread leg ver. Maybe there would be gangbang scene before roast her. Maybe there is carrot screw her pussy.

But no. If I did that. I properly still doing the retouching. Adding this and adding that... :D

I should stop and put more efford on new work ^^"

Floral Fore/Background -

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[PSD Tier]

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