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Enemy Weapon - Hunter Set (Ragnarok Online)

June 2017 Hi-light post. Base CG 3 ; Total 11

[All Pictures ; R-18G Caution]

[Patreon Reward ; Base CG 3 ; Total 16 ; Cover image 2 Hi-Res & PSD]

Contain "guro", "necrophilia", "beheaded" content.

1st Enemy Weapon - Bishop Set

This is 2nd set. :P

At the beginning, I want to draw archer girl more than hunter. But... Hunter cosplay way better than archer. Hunter would show their sexy belly


About this hunter. I often draw her (and the red hair female knight) ^^

I still have a pencil work manga about prostitution. Earning money for better weapon. And finally get killed at PvP. Her body would be sold at the black market.

This would similar to a very old RO dojin. A blacksmith prostitution. But mine is bad end


But you also can said the prostitution part hasn't meaning.

Yea, I just want to draw sex. SEX! SEX!!

And I still an idea for orc farms. They one maybe... They would be food after born baby orc. Using they body to feed those babies :P

I always love Nightmare Sphere birth scene. I hope I can draw once. ^^"

Background image built from XNALARA

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