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Elementalist Lux

League Of Legends Carnival (WIP)

This work kick start at Feb. 2017. And it still WIP.

[Full pictures ; R-18]

Elementalist Lux, Zyra and Evelynn would be captured and roasted.
Delicious Dinner ! :P

This work can be very fun. But I always full of schedule :/

If there is possible I want to draw how to behead them one by one.
Or draw more detail for the cooking process. Hanging their bodies liked dead pig. Bleeding and wash their body in slaughterhouse. The slaughter process is so exciting ! (ゝω・)

But first I should draw the standing art and finish art first :/

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Keyword: エロ処刑 カニバリズム リョナ League_of_Legends 生首

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