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セネット | Tactics Ogre OC Fanart

Sennet is my fc2 weblog cover girl. She is an OC of Tactics Ogre. Sennet is a snapdragon weapon. Denim release her by accident. She knew Denim like Shelley Fouriner / Sherri Phoraena much. So she clone her face and play with him in childhood.

WT is very important states in SFC Tactics Ogre. She don't wear any armors and high class weapon in the war.

I don't really write any story about her. She only has character setting... As Tactics Ogre isn't match with such harem style story...

If you ignore all setting. You can consider her as Shelley Fouriner (16) and good at swords.

Keyword: シェリー・フォリナー, 大地のシェリー, Shelley Fouriner, タクティクスオウガ , Tactics Ogre

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