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Princess You Oyl

As usual I don't draw the male in detail...

You Oyl (ユウ・オイル) is my original character. You properly can find this character at my old website.

Before repainting

Yea. The old one is quite terrible. That was almost 10 years ago. The main reason I repaint this art - I'm going to draw a new R-18G comic. I want to make a Princess guro comic. And I found out... Damn, RO hasn't any princess.


It has... in the PSP ver. which is SO POPULAR.

I wanna made an OC wanna than that princess.

OC setting

Her kingdom was fallen while she was child. She grows up and get revenge. I'm drawing a R-18G comic about her. As this is R18-G. Revenge must be failed. :D

If you have interest on that. You can read some preview (pencil drawing) on :

Background images from

Keyword: オリジナル, 中出し, 金髪, お姫様

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