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Repulse Azur Lane

Extreme content for Azur Lane sisters :P

Attachment contains 12pcs ; All Renown pcs would be exclusive content.

For presenting Renown, I just change her hair only.

[Pixiv ; R-18G Caution] illust_id=68329703

[Patreon Reward ; exclusive content -- Renown レナウン(アズールレーン) 4pcs + pencil sketch]

About this game... if you keep playing it. You would always slaughter her. Repeated characters are useless. The only useful way is... trade her for an emblem. And 80 emblems for a SSR unit. So...

Kill her!
Finish her!

When you make a full star Renown. You would also slaughter her too even she is SR unit.


Every social game slaughter girls liked animal. :P

Sell her, eat her meat (skill)!


I stopped posting at last week. Last Saturaday, about bury.
And I need to see dentist at Monday. 7 teeth needed to fill. And one may needed tooth extraction later. :/

That's painful.

This Repulse drawing is finished at Thursday. That's too late. I just put this to this weekend instead.

And... there is 3 set sketches keep modification too. After I realize, this is weekend again.

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