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Last Descendants (P1)

OC Princess Execution

A never ending manga... I release page 1 first.

You can read the old pencil sketches from my referred post.

I don't know when I can release the remain pages. It just liked my Queen's Blade manga. It WIP for a long period.

Hi-Res :

For Princess You. I have another idea for execution. She would be pierced by golem. And the golem would pick her head. But she is Angel race. She won't die that easily. :P

It doesn't have this setting in current manga. But I prefered to finish this first orz...

And I don't know when I can finish it...

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(R-18 / NSFW)

Keyword: R-18G 漫画 リョナ エロ処刑 絞首刑 首吊り オリジナル

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