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Illusion - Honey Select

You can simply said this is Sexy Beach PR extension... You also can import your characters from SBPR.

There is improvement for lighting. You can contorl how much blur and bloom now. You don't need to use photoshop for making the soft effect anymore.

Comparing to pervious game. Sweetfx isn't must now. (But the color saturation still needed sweetfx)
If you have SBPR. You can simply apply that setting to Honey Select.

Except of lighting. Honey Select also has better texture than SBPR.

But the current version. It doesn't provide much maps for you taking photos... The common dance stage and Sexy beach paradise are also not available.

Some experts at Hongfire may export maps to Honey Select. The pure SBPR also has this problem... :P

My characters (One Drive)!AnQzvX1A-6Digz0Ivd65aCX_itk-

Valkyrie and Orc

Sister plugin installed.

Orc and Elf


Fire Princesses -Julis and Stella (illust_id=60317548)
(Double Front Hair+Double Back Hair required)

FF12 Ashe (Zeaska swimwear... I forget which set)

Dynasty Warriors Da Qiao

Blonde celebrity (Zeaska - Saw2008 40 hair pack 1 required)

Nyaruko Coser

Korean Coser (Zeaska - Saw2008 40 hair pack 1)

Some IG / FB selfie girl... I forget which girl I used...
(Zeaska - Saw2008 40 hair pack 1 and Wide slider)

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