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Kampfer loser - Shizuku Sango

ケンプファーの敗者 | Wing R [pixiv]

She is not my blacklong hair Leviathan. I know they look similar... Hairstyle is same. The feeling is also similar... If I draw my Leviathan properly would looks the same.

Sangou Shizuku is my most favourite character in Kampfer series. Black long hair girls are so sexy. Kampfer is a nice series for guro style work. I want to draw "Finish Her" at the initial concept. But... Kampfer isn't so popular now. If I have such time. I would draw guro Queens Blade work instead of Mortal Kombat style Kampfer.

Keyword: R-18G 剥製 けんぷファー 三郷雫 黒髪ロング

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