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K-on kisekae - Mio simply photoshop

K-on kisekae is a R-18 free flash game. You can simply use its editor for posing K-on's characters. As this is a simply 2d editor. You only can made a front view that similar to South Park. Most effect you also need to output and use your own Photoshop for modification.

This is my sample work : I spent around 30 mins about male pose and coloring Mio's face. The whole process is quite speedy. It just liked a "fast food" hentai fanart tools.

You can make a better shade on those raw pictures. The pictures would looks much better than original flash screenshot. Especially vector graphic makes every edge rounded. Mio's hair should be tuned.

I try to tune her face at the 2nd modification

1st I need a screenshot. Before making an capture. Please make sure you turned its resolution output to be 5. Then I can output a largest picture 2000 x 1500 px. If it still not enough. You can zoom the character and shot her in 5 photos liked Yu-Gi-Oh! - exodia the forbidden one.

I use photoshop cut her eyes into 2nd layer. Then liquify her face

Liquify her eyes in 2nd step. This sample isn't good enough. You better turn her eyes hightlight off. If you keep the highlight, it's shape would become weird after liquify.

Now it looks more liked a side face now. But her hair doesn't do the same. You need to draw some new hair.

After drawing modification. You also can do a litte tricks at screenshot before this process. You shot 1 short hair Mio, 1 long hair Mio. Then you may crop her front hair and move her long hair parts. It might do the same effect.

The final step is make a better shade. Then a side face is finished.

It is possible to make another angle at this tools. You need to crop her bodys into pieces for making an ideal pose. You can read my other post : Rockman ZX Prairie - Photoshopped + Tutorial. These modification are almost same processing.

But it would spent lots of time for modification. It just for fun... If you really can drawing. You better draw a new picture rather than modify these things...

Keyword: K-on, Mio Akiyama, 秋山澪, けいおん!着せ替え2

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