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Blog renewal

On March 23rd, Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content.

I would moved all adult contents to tumblr
Wingr 2000 : Tumblr

I removed all nudity images and turned this blog to be all ages. I hope this blog keeps alive after March 23rd.

If you have interest at my latest works. You can check these links.

Updated on March 7th,

I finished the renewal processing. I clicked back to my menu.

The change to Blogger's Adult Content policy announced previously is not being implemented.


Yea. I should glad to know this news. Google does concern some people liked us (Nudity theme artists).

My weblog would keep alive. But I wasted my time for renewal. I haven't backup. Sorry that I won't do the same thing again. If you want to visit my old works. Use this link.

Wingr 2000 : Tumblr

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